Looking for your missing piece?
A manager with a rich, multi-media background?

Creative Director

and creative team Manager with more than fifteen years experience in visual design – traditional and interactive.

I have worked effectively with both product teams and marketing teams over the course of my career, and I believe communication and collaboration are the keys to a successful creative team. I have consistently been regarded by staff, peers, and executive management as a valued colleague, motivator, and mentor.

In addition to the leadership skills above, I have hands-on experience with visual design systems, environmental graphic design, audio/video production, and photography. Drawing on this experience brings a truly multi-media approach to every project I work on. I firmly believe that real design thinking does not rely on any one medium, method, or mode. Instead, it draws from other disciplines and experiences to give the day-to-day projects more depth and to make the next "Big Idea” even bigger.

Please explore this small sampling of work and read further to discover what I can bring to your creative team.

Personal icon

personal skills

  • Highly creative
    strategic concept and design
  • Seasoned art director
    from client, designer, to production
  • Excellent communicator
    with staff, peers, and executives
  • Valued mentor
    collaborative and motivating
  • Effective project manager
    prepared and timely
Technical icon

technical skills

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • PowerPoint
  • AfterEffects
  • Web CMS
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  • Family and friends
  • Food and cooking
  • Music and movies
  • Making and building
  • Comics and animation
  • Science and art


A small sampling of recent works

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Skills and employment history
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Visual Design Consultant


Cisco Security Marketing
Cisco Cloud Networking
Supplies on the Fly (a Sysco Company)

WitFoo, Inc.

Creative Director
April - December, 2017

I was responsible for all creative for WitFoo. I provided visual design for marketing and art direction to the product design team (UX).

In just a few months, I created a unique corporate identity, redesigned the company website, produced and edited numerous training and demo videos, and provided marketing support for social media campaigns, investor/sales presentations, conference appearances, and product release materials.

Cisco Security

Creative Team Lead - Marketing
2012 - 2017

After several successful years with the Lancope product UX/UI team, I was asked to join the marketing department. There, I directed a small team of designers and contractors providing creative for events, field marketing, sales, and professional services.

It was also during this time that Lancope was acquired by Cisco Systems, where my team and I were highly sought after for the creativity, outstanding quality, and timeliness of our work.

IBM Security

Sr. Visual Designer
2004 - 2007 & 2009 - 2012

In 2009, after a few years with an Atlanta marketing and advertising agency, my former directors asked me to return to IBM to help further develop the UX design effort. There, I had a wide reaching impact – working with ISS, Tivoli, WebSeal, and other IBM product teams, both international and domestic.

Tailfin Marketing

Associate Creative Director
2007 - 2009

I led a team of 5 key design staff and a varying number of contractors. Projects ranged from traditional advertising, interactive media, public relations, graphic design, and marketing strategy.

Also during this time, I was contracted by Philips to help with the redesign of their corporate eStore and several product launches, making Tailfin a named strategic partner of Philips Design.

Technical Expertise

fountain pen photo

A short list of the tools Brian employs on a regular basis. Please inquire if you have a need that is not listed.

  • Photoshop 90%
  • Illustrator 90%
  • InDesign 45%
  • PowerPoint 65%
  • Premeire Pro 60%
  • AfterEffects 40%
  • Web CMS 35%


Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.